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Professional detergents, cleaners and disinfectants manufacturing
We provide high-quality products and professional support


Landgalia Expo is a manufacturer of professional detergents, cleaners and disinfectants. We provide the agro-industrial sector, food manufacturing plants and farms with everything they need. Landgalia Expo provides solutions and services that empower business management and improve quality of life.

In-house laboratory

Products development and improvement is carried out in accordance with market requirements and industry trends in our modern in-house research laboratory. .

Well-managed manufacturing process

A fully equipped technical control department monitors every stage of the manufacturing process.

Industrial capacity

The production manufactory is supplied with the latest modern equipment that meets European and international standards.

Qualified and experienced professionals

Landgalia Expo is more than just an industrial site. We are highly qualified professionals with common values and interests.


World-class products development at an affordable price devoted to solve a wide range of tasks in the field of cleaning and removing various contaminants

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Customer support

All solutions provided by Landgalia Expo in the field of cleanliness and hygiene are accompanied by technical support at all stages:

  1. Development and implementation of sanitary plans and programs for your company.
  2. Training and consultation organization.
  3. Control over the correct application of technical solutions.
  4. Solutions adjustment based on your business objectives.
  5. Cost optimization.

Our products

Our products are developed based on the experience of the latest world science achievements using high-quality raw materials remaining at an acceptable price.


Impulso is a company that we can rely on. We often have to react to customer needs quickly and we know that Impulso will take care of us even at a moment’s notice.

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New cleaners!

New cleaners!

A new addition to the range of professional cleaners for food and chemical industries! Our product line was expanded by non-foam Termo, Termo…
ECO-products for udder treatment

ECO-products for udder treatment

Panamil’s new pre- and after-milking udder hygiene products consist of natural components. Resin, propolis and royal jelly. These components are valuable and useful…
We have a new product! This is a disinfectant for food industry

We have a new product! This is a disinfectant for food industry

In April of the current year, Landgalia Expo released a new detergent – Panamil Dez Nuk – with a disinfecting effect for beef…

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