ECO-products for udder treatment

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ECO-products for udder treatment
Panamil's new pre- and after-milking udder hygiene products consist of natural components. Resin, propolis and royal jelly. These components are valuable and useful not only for people, but also for farm animals. We will tell you more about each of them, to understand their unique properties.

Resin is the sap of coniferous trees, which after exposure to air, oxidizes, solidifies and turns into resin. This natural product has a wide range of health benefits, primarily antibacterial and antiseptic as far as it contains a large amount of resinous acids that can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Propolis is a glue that bees form from plant sap. This bee product contains vitamins of group B, E, A, flavonoids, essential oils, minerals. It effectively destroys not only bacteria, but also viruses and fungal infections.

Royal jelly is the substance that bees use to feed their offspring and the queen. Honey bee milk has an extremely rich composition. Vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and other biologically active substances. Therefore, it not only has strong antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, but also intensely moisturizes the skin.

Landgalia Expo recommends purchasing products for cattle udder-care based on the above components in order to independently verify their medicinal properties.

  • Panamil Givitsa Foam (20 l / 20 kg) – foamy, based on resin extract;
  • Panamil Propolis Foam (20 l / 20 kg) – foamy, based on propolis extract;
  • Panamil Apis Lac Foam (20 l / 20 kg) – foamy, based on royal jelly extract.

The products are used in the form of a solution for soaking napkins, as well as for foaming the udder with a foaming cup.

  • Panamil Givitsa (20 l / 20 kg) – based on resin extract;
  • Panamil Propolis (20 l / 20 kg) – based on propolis extract;
  • Panamil Apis Lac (20 l / 20 kg) – based on royal jelly extract.

It is a film-forming barrier product, which quickly and reliably closes the milk canal after milking.

It is also essential to note that the presented hygiene products were tested by the Department of Biotechnology of the Belarusian State Technological University. As a result of the experiment, our products were found to have antimicrobial activity against S. Aureus ATCC 6538 and C. albicans ATCC 10231.

You can find out more details and purchase Panamil products by sending a message to You can also use the online form on the website, then our Managers will contact you in a single working day.

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